We are individually symbolic of the universe as a whole.  Today I ask of you to think of the human eye.  Think of the metaphors which speak to what we know of the eye beyond biology.  Of how they are known for aspects such as sparkling, as being windows to the soul, beholders of apples, how we hold views of perspective, and sight being dependent on light.  Of how they are thought of as perfectly spherical but embody the form of an atom when considered on a quantum level, of how closely an iris resembles nebula and how similar the pupil is to our understanding of a black hole.  How observable light, energy, matter and time all bend as they approach a point where they utterly disappear into a space of such alien density the laws of science are assumed to no longer apply.  Now, once I reach a vantage point to view all these factors it seems fairly clear that all this force pulling everything inward must outlet somewhere.  Which would liken visual observation to a wormhole, all said forces undergoing some uncomprehended ordeal and then spewing from hand, or mouth, or (my personal favorite) somewhere in the vicinity of the pineal gland.  So in my formulated microcosm which allows me to accept and postulate  this formulated macrocosm I have developed a mantra.  What is shown, what is seen, the hard to fathom in between.