I am sketching the outline of the skin as our bounds we have confined ourselves to by constructs. Think about the way we think of life as having skin, the way for mankind it implies such ramifications for humans as having such traits and their comparable moral constructs such as warmth, nerves, hair or scales as protection, it being porous and the largest organ on our corporeal form. The largest organ on our corporeal form. Skin is essential to life as we think of it, and there are noble constructs. In my opinion Art, Science, Music, Language and Love just about cover it. Think about the signs of aging and that we have already discovered the youngest stars have the brightest lumosity. Acknowledge the properties of skin, the pigment affects on color and freckles * Think about skin’s different associations applied to people. Think about hair going grey, falling out, having applications in the dominance of genetic traits. Think about how much play it has in an evolutionary sense altogether. Have you ever learned that some aboriginal humans have a different chromosonal makeup than our own? Here is a link with a brief summary of this idea.

There are multiple characteristics I believe we could selectively breed in mankind to induce this next step in evolution. I respect any attempt for us to step through and ride on the spiral of our divinity past corporeal bounds. In a nod to current events, I understand that White, American, Female, Intelligent and being on Earth in the age of Technology are the privileges which allow me to put this much of my energy into considering the intangible. I am also unwilling to allow of those lines to divide my view on every individual life being absolute divinity incarnate. Back to topic, in relevance to constructs we connotate with skin, I believe mixed race and red hair could somehow be scientifically backed as factually progressive.
Math is not my strong point. (see p.s.)
I think the Fibonacci sequence can somehow be applied to what is mathematically known of DNA sequencing to prove my theory in each of these markers I and others have so far conceived. The rarity of individuals with red hair on this planet is staggering and extreme. I must insist that I am onto something here as my skin has no large area free of the tale of the truth inside needing to step through.  I have suf
fered from skin allergies, psoriasis, and am considered high risk for skin cancer.
(P.S. I feel like math is a construct only used to explain other constructs and therefore consider it skin pigment in my overall view, but I feel science is a noble enough construct I ought not begrudge the crutch as long as I remain